The Anxiety & Depression Program


Do you or your child struggle with anxiety and/or depression?  Does it affect your life so much that you can’t lead a normal life?  If so, you’re in the right place.

The program includes Bio-Compatability Hair Analysis for food sensitivities, diet, lifestyle and supplement treatment plan and ongoing weekly support.


Who is this program for?

You have anxiety and/or depression.  You may not have a diagnosed condition but you’re feeling some or all of the following:

  • unmotivated
  • fatigued
  • low mood
  • hopelessness
  • panic attacks
  • feeling tense
  • overthinking
  • insomnia
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • carbohydrate/sugar cravings

What do you get?

  • A comprehensive 1 hour health assessment (in-clinic or Zoom) – a discussion about your health history, current symptoms and concerns as well as lifestyle and dietary habits and health goals.
  • Individualised Phase 1 treatment plan – diet, lifestyle, supplement and functional medicine testing recommendations (if any).
  • Bio-compatability Hair Analysis – tests for foods that you’re reacting to.  Reactive foods cause more inflammation in the brain and body.
  • 4 x 30 min follow up consultations
  • Ongoing individualised treatment plans – diet, lifestyle, supplement and functional medicine testing recommendations.
  • Access to high quality practitioner-only supplement products.
  • Access to practitioner-only functional pathology lab testing.
  • Weekly email support – ask any questions you may have.

You will feel more in control of your life.  You will have the motivation to do some of the things you couldn’t do before.  You’ll sleep better.  Your eating habits will improve which will keep you feeling fantastic.  You won’t have those energy dips or cravings.  Sound good?  Email me for more information at [email protected] or add to cart above.  I look forward to working with you.

Cost:   $800.00


4 month program

Payment plan available

Private health rebates for the consultations

Does not include the cost of supplements



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