Sal Prothero is a Clinical Nutritionist, author, presenter and founder of Whole Food Nutrition.  She is passionate about diet, nutrition and mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD).

Her special interests lie in gut health and mental health.  The two are closely related.  You can be any age struggling with mental health issues – diet and nutrition can play a huge role.  

Podcast with Two Natural Ladies


Two Natural Ladies have a great interview with Sal Prothero from Whole Food Nutrition.

Too busy to listen now? Listen for Free to the PodCast using Spotify via the link below.

  • Clinic & Online Consultations


    Do you want to be free of depression and anxiety?  Do you want to do the things in life that you’ve wanted to do for so long?

    We review your health history, current symptoms and concerns as well as lifestyle and dietary habits and your health goals.  Functional medicine testing necessary.

  • Eat To Beat Depression

    Eat To Beat Depression

    $297.00 incl. GST

    This 6 week online program is for you if you’re depressed, overwhelmed, stressed and time poor.  It is simple and practical that fits in with your everyday life.

    The meal ideas/recipes are designed to give you the essential nutrients you need to beat depression and for your brain health.  They are also designed to reduce inflammation and are beneficial for your gut health which both are key factors in depression.

  • Premium Package


    Save money with this one to one personalized consultation package.

    Includes Hair Mineral Analysis, consultations, diet and lifestyle plans and weekly email support.

  • No.1 Bestseller

    Change Makers (Volume 3)

    $26.99 incl. GST

    In Change Makers, Sal Prothero and 24 other inspirational women share what drives their vision to serve others, create businesses and enrich lives in their communities and around the globe.

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