We’re experiencing an unprecedented and challenging couple of months with the Coronavirus pandemic. Panic buying, working from home, kids staying at home, fear of getting the virus, spreading it to others and worst case, death. Our governments are doing their best with messages of hand washing etc but I have not yet heard anything about boosting our immunity with foods and nutrient supplementation.

Even though we feel like comfort eating and drinking more alcohol than we usually do, now is the time to eat well and try and distance ourselves from the constant media scrutiny of the virus. Now is the time to focus on you so here are my top immunity boosting foods…..

Zinc (the mineral everyone knows)

Nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes (chick peas, red kidney beans etc), tahini, wholegrains (brown rice, brown basmati rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, millet), mushrooms, green peas, kale, parsley, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, silverbeet, seafood, poultry, lean red meat.

Vitamin C (the vitamin everyone knows)

Citrus fruits, capsicum, broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, strawberries and other berries.

Anti-inflammatory (contain amazing immunity boosting compounds)

Apples (with skin on), garlic, ginger, onion, leek, turmeric, lemon, pineapple.

Honey (antioxidant, antimicrobial)

I don’t mean the cheap honey that tends to be in a plastic, squeezy bottle.  I’m talking about raw honey, which is more expensive but so worth it.  Look for it in health food stores, they may be open at this time.  Otherwise, online.

Protein (nourishes your immune system, repairs the body and assists recovery)

Lean red and white meat, fish, eggs, tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, avocado, legumes, lentils, veggies, dairy.


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