Eat To Beat Depression

About Course

This program is for you if you're depressed, overwhelmed, stressed and time poor. It is simple and practical that fits in with your everyday life. The meal ideas/recipes are designed to give you the essential nutrients you need to beat depression and for your brain health. They are also designed to reduce inflammation and are beneficial for your gut health which are key factors in depression.


During this 6 week online program, you get practical, simple, achievable steps that give you the confidence to change your diet, eating habits, reduce cravings and reduce stress.  Each week focuses on modifying only one meal and teaches one module in the form of videos, PDF worksheets, online teaching and recipes.  An extra bonus is weekly online support from Sal so you’re not on your own.

After 6 weeks, you are re-energized and self-confident to give you the purpose to live the life you want to lead.


What Will I Learn?

  • 5 easy to follow learning modules
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets, recipes, videos and online content that’s available to you at any time.
  • Quick and easy recipes and meal ideas for restoring your gut microbiome and reducing depression.
  • Simple, practical information and tips
  • Weekly email support for accountability

Topics for this course

52 Lessons

Week 1?

Getting Organised, Pantry List, Your Day on a Plate, Awareness Checklist, Personal Well-being Journal
Getting Organised
Introduction to Week 100:02:49
Pantry List
Your Day on a Plate
Personal Wellbeing Journal
Awareness Checklist
Awareness Checklist – Quiz

Week 2?

Breakfast ideas, Healthy Swaps, Review & Reflection, Recipes

Week 3?

Snack ideas, Hydration, Review & Reflection, Recipes

Week 4?

Lunch ideas, Weekly Food Prep, Exercise & Lifestyle, Review & Reflection, Recipes

Week 5?

Dinner ideas, Cutting Out Sugar, Review & Reflection, Recipes

Week 6?

End of Program Reflection, Next Steps, Acknowledgements


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Eat To Beat Depression
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Material Includes

  • Videos
  • PDF worksheets (online and to print)
  • Online Teaching
  • Recipes


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Target Audience

  • For anyone who is depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, time poor and wants to change the way they eat to change their life