I’m not here to preach to you how much alcohol you should drink each day/week.  I’m also not here to talk about the short and long term negative aspects of drinking alcohol.  If you’d like to find out more about that, click on this link http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/mentalhealth/Factsheets/Pages/alcohol.aspx

My philosophy at Whole Food Nutrition is a way of eating for life so I don’t count calories but when it comes to weight management, some of us need to look at how many calories/kilojoules we’re consuming.  You’d be surprised at how it all adds up.  I think in calories so have added them here and also added soft drinks.







Dark spirits
Jim Beam Black Label & Cola Cans 375mL 1099 263
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey & Cola Cans 375mL 1069 255
Bundaberg U.P. Rum & Cola Cans 375mL 998 238
Wild Turkey Bourbon & Cola Cans 375mL 977 233
Johnnie Walker Red Label & Cola Cans 375mL 971 232
Light spirits
Smirnoff Ice Double Black Cans 6.5% 375mL 1069 255
Gordons Elderflower Spritz Bottle 500mL 1015 242
UDL Vodka & Raspberry Cans 375mL 971 232
Smirnoff Raspberry Sorbet Pouch 250mL 955 228
James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider 500mL 875 209
Somersby Apple Cider Bottle 330mL 868 207
Strongbow Classic Apple Cider Bottle 355mL 767 183
Crown Lager Bottle 375mL 641 153
Victoria Bitter Bottles 375mL 634 151
James Boag’s Premium Lager 623 149
Corona Extra Beer 355mL 611 146
Carlton Draught Stubbies 375mL 581 139
Red wine 12% medium glass 160mL (average all brands) 456 109
Dry white wine 12% medium glass 160mL (average all brands) 454 108
Sweet white wine 11% medium glass 160mL (average all brands) 669 160
Sparkling white wine 11% medium glass 160mL (average all brands) 434 104
Rose medium glass 11% 160mL (average all brands) 469 112
Soft drinks
Cola can 375ml 656 157
Lemonade 375ml 525 125
Lemon lime + bitters bottle 375ml 754 180

(Cancer Council)

These figures don’t look that high but who stops at one drink on a night out?  Drinks combined with your meal can end up in a high amount of cals/kj’s.

In case you’re wondering about how red wine is good for us ……  It contains reservatrol, a polyphenol which protects us from diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  This doesn’t mean that you go rushing off buying masses of red wine!  Wine also contains sulphites which some of us are sensitive to.  Darker drinks, such as red wine, bourbon, brandy and whisky, are also generally higher in congeners (by-products of fermentation) than white wine and vodka which can cause a worse hangover.   If you want more of those polyphenols without the hangover, eat more of these foods which have the same amount as a standard glass of red wine.

24g of walnuts
25g of dark chocolate
1.5 apples
360ml of tea
158g almonds
85g blueberries
270g of cranberries

By all means, enjoy yourself but if weight loss is your focus, watch those drinks.  A Nutritionist can help with managing your weight and much more.

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