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I’m Sal Prothero, founder of Whole Food Nutrition.  I am passionate about food and health.  I love the power of whole food and what it can do to the body and mind.

It hasn’t always been like that.  I was living the dream in London – full time salary, partying, socializing and no responsibilities but I felt awful and didn’t know why.  I had no idea that what I ate and drank was having an effect on me.  I craved carbohydrates (the bad ones!) and sugar and couldn’t imagine my life without them.  Something had to change so I slowly cut back on the carbohydrates and sugar and started eating a whole food diet.

Fast forward to now – I’m a different person, I have a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine and I am passionate about improving clients’ health.  I am also a Wife and Mum of 2.  My way of eating is not a diet, it’s a way of eating for life.  I believe in the 80/20 rule.  Eat healthily most of the time and have those treats occasionally.  There are some exceptions though such as healing the gut and chronic health conditions where a specific diet is adhered to.

At my clinic or Skype, I create personalised diet and lifestyle plans that are simple and practical that fit in with your everyday life.  Small changes, along with my support and guidance gives you the encouragement you need to change your life.

At my seminars/workshops, I love to educate on why and what to eat which inspires others to take control of their own health.  I am committed to changing your life in a genuine and supportive way.

My special interests lie in gut health and mental health.  The two are closely related.  You can be any age struggling with mental health issues – nutrition can play a huge role.  Mental health encompasses a wide variety of symptoms from feeling low all the time, depression and anxiety to behavioural problems.

To provide the best level of care, I continually update my knowledge and understanding by taking part in professional development, as well as working with other nutritionists and naturopaths.

If you would like to put a face to a name and meet me in person, I offer free 15 minute chats.  Email me using the Contact Form here or call on 0412 370321.



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