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This e-book is for women who feel they’ve lost their mojo, are lacking in energy, stressed and overwhelmed. It’s 57 pages are packed with practical ideas to get you back in your stride.

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Depression & Anxiety

The foods found in today’s western world diet are largely made up of highly processed and long shelf-life sugary food and drinks. A diet lacking in whole foods contributes to mental health issues and conditions such as depression and anxiety.

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Whole Food

There are a myriad of benefits in the consumption of whole food. Whole food is a food that has not been packaged or processed. When treated correctly, it is the nutritional composition of whole food that acts as both protective and therapeutic agents for our body...

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Gluten Free Carbohydrates – what to eat

Gluten Free Carbohydrates – what to eat Gluten free is all the rage now and it’s not always healthy.  Fair enough if you have Coeliac Disease or an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten but there are many who are giving up gluten because they think it’s healthier.  I’m...

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Gut Health – what’s it all about?

I’m always going on about gut health.  I usually look at gut health first in my one to one consultations and I hold seminars about gut health so maybe that’s why!  But what is it really all about? First of all, here’s some juicy information about your microbiome...

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My Story and how it may help you

My Story and how it may help you Although I’m a Nutritionist, I don’t eat healthily 100% of the time.  I believe in the 80/20 rule.  Food is to be enjoyed and not feel guilty when we eat that delicious cake! Health and wellbeing hasn’t always been part of my life. ...

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My 7 tips on how to stay healthy this winter

My 7 tips on how to stay healthy this winter 1.Food You probably won’t want a salad so eat warm food.  Not only will it be easier to digest but it’ll warm your body down to your toes!  If you haven’t got a slow cooker, invest in one.  I always recommend one for busy,...

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What does a Nutritionist do?

What does a Nutritionist do? There are 3 questions I am frequently asked: ‘What’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietician?’, ‘What’s the difference between a Nutritionist and a Naturopath?’ and ‘Don’t Nutritionists only deal with weight loss and...

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Liver Detox – is it right for you?

Liver Detox – is it right for you? There are a bewildering array of detoxes/cleanses out there.   Anyone totally confused?  I would be! Studies on cleanses are scarce and, according to a recent review, not very convincing.  Despite the lack of evidence to back their...

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